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The Best in Southern California

Hanes Properties is known for having the best in staff professionalism, quality of workmanship, and resident satisfaction.
Hanes Properties, LLC was founded in Southern California in 1969 by veteran real estate broker and investor H. Bruce Hanes. Since then the firm has been involved in multi-residential real estate in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties with the goal of offering the best in resident satisfaction and convenience.

In every aspect Hanes Properties, LLC strives to offer excellence and focus on maximizing the 5P’s of real estate: Personnel, Product, Price, Promotion and Profits.

The company has completed numerous large scale renovations of existing product with the goal of adding value and repositioning the asset to align with the needs and strength of the community. Hanes’ hands-on methodology consistently outperforms its neighboring competition by achieving higher rents and stronger long term occupancy.

The most recent example of this approach is 149-units located in La Quinta, CA, where Hanes competed with seven other local and national buyers before closing escrow. The newly renovated property now maintains full occupancy with an exclusive waiting list for pre-qualified applicants.

The company has also developed high-end urban infill projects consisting of 100 multifamily units or more.

Today, Hanes Properties, LLC remains family owned and operated and is actively seeking to expand its portfolio. Hanes is a private investor – not a syndicator. The boutique, hands-on nature of the company affords it the opportunity to act quickly as opportunities arise and finalize the due diligence within a reasonably short period of time.

What Our Clients are Saying

“Since moving into the community, approximately 1 year ago, my brother and I have only experienced a welcoming, clean and secure living environment. The fellow tenants, surrounding communities, and especially the staff, have made our experience living here, a comfortable and relaxing place to call home. The accommodations, along with service/maintenance have been phenomenal and prompt. Management and staff have always been attentive and courteous to not only our needs, but the entire apartment community. They truly make living here hassle-free, and give those who live here a great sense of peace of mind. And, as if this wasn’t enough to mention, the management team hosts events throughout the year, to gather your fellow neighbors for a holiday gathering or simple taco picnic. Thank you to the Manager, and her staff, for all her care and effort that goes into managing this community. I will definitely recommend and refer this apartment to family and friends.”
~ S. Kadam